Unverifiable origin certificates

You can define how requests are handled when ​SIA​ Proxy cannot validate a website's origin certificate. This may occur if the certificate chain is not complete or the web server's CA is unknown to ​Akamai​.

In an ​SIA​ policy configuration, an Invalid Certificate Response menu is available where you can select how ​SIA​ handles these certificates:

  • Block - Error Page. The request is blocked and the user is directed to an error page. For more information on Error pages in ​SIA​, see Customize error pages.

  • Bypass. The request bypasses ​SIA​ Proxy. In this situation, the browser handles the certificate validation.

If there are websites that you don't want directed to ​SIA​ Proxy, you can add them to a custom exception list. For more information, see About lists and Add a custom exception list.