Download and approval statuses

When downloading ETP desktop client or managing versions of the desktop client, these statuses are available.



Download, Test, and then Approve

Indicates that you must download, test, and approve the ETP Client upgrade or patch. After testing the client, you can approve the update in ETP. For more information, see Approve ETP Client.

Download Pending

Indicates the ETP Client version is not yet downloaded. To benefit from the latest ETP Client features, make sure you download, test, and approve the latest version.


Indicates that ETP Client was approved and is ready for distribution.

You can select to force an upgrade or you can select On Demand to give end users the choice to install it immediately or be reminded within 1 day, 3 days, or 7 days. Based on this selection, once a new ETP Client version is approved, an end user is either upgraded or prompted to install an upgrade.

If you select to roll back an upgrade, you must also approve the previous version before the client can roll it back. For more information about rollback, see Roll back an ETP Client upgrade.


Indicates that an ETP Client version was downloaded.

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