Desktop client

After completing the preparation steps, you can download the desktop client from ​SIA​. Before distributing the client, an administrator needs to test it and then approve the client for use in their network.

The IT administrator who will be distributing the client:

  • Verifies the digital signature and SHA-256 checksum value of the ​ETP Client​ files.

  • Tests ​ETP Client​ in an environment that contains the same network configuration, VPN, and security applications as production.

After ​ETP Client​ is tested, the IT administrator approves the client in ​SIA​ and distributes it to user laptops or computers. Depending on how the client is distributed, a client can be activated with an entitlement code or an activation code.

  • If an administrator distributes the client with device management software to enterprise machines across their organization, the administrator uses an entitlement code.

  • If an administrator installs the client on a user's personal computer, an administrator can use an entitlement code or an activation code to activate the client.

  • If a user installs the client on their personal computer, they use an activation code to activate the client. For more information on the activation code, see Bring your own device (BYOD) support.

For more information about the complete setup process, see Set up ​SIA​ desktop client.


This content is specific to the ​ETP Client​ desktop client. If you are using Zero Trust Client for threat protection, see the setup instructions for Zero Trust Client