View connection information

The Connection Info page contains the information you’ll need for setting up some specific features in ​SIA​. This information includes:

  • DNS server IP addresses for DNS forwarding. For more information, see Configure DNS forwarding.

  • DNS-over-TLS (DoT) and DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) domains for encrypting traffic with DoT or DoH. For more information, see Encrypt DNS queries with DoT or DoH.

  • Proxy chaining hostname for a proxy chaining configuration. For more information, see Set up proxy chaining.

  • Configuration ID. You need this ID for ​SIA​ APIs, an IPsec configuration, and more.

  • IPsec Domains. These fully qualified domain names are required for an IPsec configuration. For more information, see Set up IPsec tunnels.

To view connection information:

  1. In the Threat Protection navigation menu, select Clients & Connectors > Connection Info.

  2. On the Connection Info page, this information appears:

    • DNS Servers
    • DoH Hostname
    • DoT Hostname
    • Proxy Chaining Hostname
    • Configuration ID
    • IPsec Domains