Manage DNS Forwarder

In the Security Connector console, you can manage DNS forwarder. This area of Security Connector allows you to:

  • View traffic statistics of connections from DNS forwarder to ‚ÄčSIA‚Äč DNS. For more information, see View DNS Forwarder traffic statistics and DNS Forwarder status.

  • View the health status of DNS forwarder. For more information, see View DNS Forwarder health status and DNS Forwarder status.

  • Enable query and response logging. These logs are sent to ‚ÄčAkamai‚Äč when an error occurs that requires troubleshooting. For more information, see Enable or disable query and response logging.

  • Enable or disable DNS forwarder. By default, Security Connector is enabled with DNS Forwarder. For more information, see Enable or disable DNS Forwarder.

  • Change the DNS Forwarder port. You can choose the outbound TCP port 443 or 853 for DoT connections. For more information, see Change the DNS Forwarder DoT port.

  • Configure a local DNS server if the corporate DNS server that you configured as a Security Connector DNS Server is an authoritative DNS server for internal domains only. If you configure a local DNS server for DNS Forwarder, the corporate DNS resolver becomes a fallback server in case ‚ÄčSIA‚Äč DNS is not reachable. If you apply a local DNS server configuration, you can then set the Security Connector DNS name server to use the ‚ÄčSIA‚Äč DNS server IP. For more information, see Configure local DNS servers. To configure the Security Connector DNS server, see Configure DNS name servers.