Enable or disable DNS Forwarder

Complete this procedure to enable or disable DNS Forwarder. By default, DNS forwarder is enabled in Security Connector.

To enable or disable DNS Forwarder:

  1. In the Security Connector main menu, press 6 or use the arrow keys to select Manage DNS Forwarder and press Enter.

  2. In the menu that appears, press 4 or if necessary, use the arrow keys to select Enable/Disable DNS Forwarder and press Enter.

  3. Press C to continue and edit this setting.

  4. Enter yes. If DNS Forwarder is enabled, this setting disables it. If the DNS Forwarder is disabled, this setting enables it.


If you enter any value other than yes, you are returned to the DNS forwarder menu.

The VM reboots in 10 seconds following this change. After the reboot is complete, you can log in to the Security Connector console again.