View threat details

You can filter threat event information by threat name. Choosing to view more details about a specific threat shows a window where details about the threat or the threat type appear. This information is also available on the Indicator Search page when you search by threat name. For more information, see Search for threat information based on threat name.

To view threat details:

  1. In the Threat Protection menu of Enterprise Center, select Reports > Threat Events or Reports > Access Control.

  2. Filter data based on date and time.

  3. To filter events by the threat name dimension:

    1. Click the More option.

    2. Select Threat Name. Threat events are organized by threat name.

  4. To filter events by a specific threat:

    1. Click the filter icon or in the filter menu, select Open Filter Editor.

    2. In the criteria menu, select Threat Name.

    3. Click the Add Items text box and select a specific threat from the menu that appears.

    4. Click Apply.

  5. In the events table, click a threat name or threat type.

  6. In the menu, select More Details. Threat information appears in a separate window.