ETP Client activation

If an administrator does not activate the client with an entitlement code or through a device management solution, users can activate the client with an activation code.


The activation code is case sensitive. Users need to enter the code as shown in the email or in the form that it appeared when it was generated by administrators.

Desktop Client

After the client is installed, end users are prompted for an activation code. If an ‚ÄčSIA‚Äč administrator chose to email activation codes or manually distribute codes to users, the end user can enter the code that was provided to them. Otherwise, they can click the Don't have a code? link and enter their enterprise email to request an activation code.

Mobile Client

If an administrator does not activate a mobile client with an entitlement code or through a mobile device management solution, the end user can activate the client after it is installed on their device.

  • As part of the BYOD process, an administrator can send users an email that contains both the activation code and a link that automatically activates the client. The user can manually enter the code into the entitlement code field or they can click the link in the email.


If the client is not installed on the user's device, the link in the email directs the user to the application store of their device where they can download the client.

  • If the end user does not receive an email, they also have the option to click Request an Activation Link. This link prompts the user for their email address. If the user enters an email address that is valid and allowed in ‚ÄčSIA‚Äč, the user is sent the email with the link and activation code.

  • If the administrator decides to manually generate codes and communicate these codes to the user without using the activation email, the end user can also enter the provided code into the entitlement code field.