Software rollback

To automatically roll back an ​ETP Client​ upgrade across devices, you need to enable the Roll Back ​ETP Client​ configuration setting and approve the previous version of the client. A rollback operation is useful when an IT administrator wants to undo an upgrade and return the desktop version of ​ETP Client​ to its previously approved state.

By default, this setting is disabled. Depending on whether the rollback setting is enabled or disabled, this applies:

  • When enabled and the previous version is approved, any ​ETP Client​ that was upgraded to the latest version is rolled back. If you do not approve the previous client version, the rollback does not occur.

  • When disabled, you cannot roll back ​ETP Client​ to the previous version.

    If you approve the previous version, any device that was not yet upgraded to the latest ​ETP Client​ version does not upgrade.

Roll back an ​ETP Client​ upgrade

If you need to roll back an ​ETP Client​ upgrade, you approve the previous version of the client. This removes the approval associated with the upgrade. You can then enable the Roll Back ​ETP Client​ setting in the ​ETP Client​ Configuration tab.

You need to be an ​SIA​ administrator or a delegated administrator to perform this task.

To roll back an upgrade:

  1. In the Threat Protection menu of Enterprise Center, select Clients & Connectors > ​ETP Client​s.

  2. Approve the previous ​ETP Client​ version:

    1. In the Versions Management tab, locate the file for your operating system. Depending on your operating system, you can also click the Win or Mac tabs to filter ​ETP Client​ versions.

    2. Hover over the client and click the Approve icon.

  3. For the version that you approved, select how you want to update the ​ETP Client​ software. You can select one of these options:

    • On Demand. End users are prompted to upgrade ​ETP Client​. They can select to be reminded about the update in 1, 3, or 7 days.

    • Force Upgrade. ​ETP Client​ automatically upgrades without user interaction. After you select this option, an update occurs at any time within a three-hour window.

  4. Click the Configuration tab.

  5. Enable Roll Back ​ETP Client​.

  6. Click Save.