Software rollback

To automatically roll back an ‚ÄčETP Client‚Äč upgrade across devices, you need to enable the Roll Back ‚ÄčETP Client‚Äč configuration setting and approve the previous version of the client. A rollback operation is useful when an IT administrator wants to undo an upgrade and return the desktop version of ‚ÄčETP Client‚Äč to its previously approved state.

By default, this setting is disabled. Depending on whether the rollback setting is enabled or disabled, this applies:

  • When enabled and the previous version is approved, any ‚ÄčETP Client‚Äč that was upgraded to the latest version is rolled back. If you do not approve the previous client version, the rollback does not occur.

  • When disabled, you cannot roll back ‚ÄčETP Client‚Äč to the previous version.

    If you approve the previous version, any device that was not yet upgraded to the latest ‚ÄčETP Client‚Äč version does not upgrade.

Roll back an ‚ÄčETP Client‚Äč upgrade

If you need to roll back an ‚ÄčETP Client‚Äč upgrade, you approve the previous version of the client. This removes the approval associated with the upgrade. You can then enable the Roll Back ‚ÄčETP Client‚Äč setting in the ‚ÄčETP Client‚Äč Configuration tab.

You need to be an ‚ÄčSIA‚Äč administrator or a delegated administrator to perform this task.

To roll back an upgrade:

  1. In the Threat Protection menu of Enterprise Center, select Clients & Connectors > ‚ÄčETP Client‚Äčs.

  2. Approve the previous ‚ÄčETP Client‚Äč version:

    1. In the Versions Management tab, locate the file for your operating system. Depending on your operating system, you can also click the Win or Mac tabs to filter ‚ÄčETP Client‚Äč versions.

    2. Hover over the client and click the Approve icon.

  3. For the version that you approved, select how you want to update the ‚ÄčETP Client‚Äč software. You can select one of these options:

    • On Demand. End users are prompted to upgrade ‚ÄčETP Client‚Äč. They can select to be reminded about the update in 1, 3, or 7 days.

    • Force Upgrade. ‚ÄčETP Client‚Äč automatically upgrades without user interaction. After you select this option, an update occurs at any time within a three-hour window.

  4. Click the Configuration tab.

  5. Enable Roll Back ‚ÄčETP Client‚Äč.

  6. Click Save.