Add a security connector

Before deploying and configuring the security connector to communicate with ​SIA​, add a security connector to ​SIA​. This procedure describes how to assign a name to the security connector that you plan to deploy. The security connector does not communicate with ​SIA​ until you deploy, configure, and activate it.


If your organization is setting up Security Connector for the first time, enter the email addresses of administrators or other users that you want notified when an update is available. After adding email addresses for upgrade notifications, options to add or download Security Connector are available. For more information see Add email addresses for Security Connector upgrade notifications.

To add a security connector:

  1. In the Threat Protection menu of Enterprise Center, select Clients & Connectors > Security Connectors.

  2. Click the plus sign.

  3. In the Name field, enter a name for the security connector, and click Save.

Next steps

After adding the security connector, download the virtualization file. See Download Security Connector.