Enable transparent traffic interception

Transparent traffic interception allows ​ETP Client​ to forward DNS traffic to ​SIA​ resolvers and web traffic to ​SIA​ Proxy without modifying the device operating system or browser.


Transparent traffic interception is generally available on the Windows version of the client. It's currently in beta on macOS. For more information, see Transparent traffic interception.

To enable transparent traffic interception:

  1. In the Threat Protection menu of Enterprise Center, select Clients & Connectors > ​ETP Client​s.

  2. In the configuration settings, enable Transparent Traffic Interception.

  3. Click Save. To save and deploy the settings, click Save and Deploy.

Next steps

If you haven’t deployed these settings, make sure you deploy them to the ​SIA​ network. For instructions, see Deploy configuration changes.

Allow ​ETP Client​ extensions on macOS

​ETP Client​ extensions allow the client to intercept and capture traffic on macOS without modifying browser or system settings. ​ETP Client​ extensions are required to run version 4.3 or later on macOS. For more information, see Transparent traffic interception.


While you can perform this procedure to allow the extensions, you can also directly install them by opening ​ETP Client​ from the Mac menu bar and clicking Install Extension.

To allow ​ETP Client​ extensions:

  1. From the Apple menu, select System Preferences.

  2. Click Security & Privacy.

  3. If the settings are locked, click the lock icon and enter the system password to unlock the settings.

  4. In the General tab, a message indicates that the ​ETP Client​ extensions were blocked from loading. Next to this message, click Allow.