Update hostnames for a property version

Modify the set of hostnames for a property version. For each hostname entry, set cnameFrom to the hostname that your end users see, that is the Host header in end user requests. In either cnameTo or edgeHostnameId, specify an existing edge hostname that you want to redirect your hostname to. If you're using Secure by Default, you can set the cnameTo parameter to an edge hostname that doesn't exist yet, and PAPI creates it automatically when you activate the property version. If you remove an edge hostname from an active property configuration, use the Edge Hostname API (HAPI) to delete it entirely. If you modify hostnames with default certificates, the response includes additional X-Limit-Default-Certs-Per-Contract-Limit and X-Limit-Default-Certs-Per-Contract-Remaining headers indicating their limits.

Update a property with a secure by default hostname
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Update a property with a custom certificate hostname
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Update a property with a shared certificate hostname
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Updated functionality for new Secure by Default hostnames

As of July 6th, 2022, using this operation to create a Secure by Default hostname will generate an IPv6 edge hostname by default. Updates to an existing edge hostname does not change its existing ipVersion.

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