Sample bulk updates

This section summarizes some of the more useful searches you may want to run, along with the JSONPath syntax needed for the bulk search request, and sample replacement values.

Most of these searches match anywhere within the configuration. See the Contextual searches section if you need help searching more specific locations within the configuration. See the latest behavior and criteria options you can update within your configurations.

MatchJSONPath searchReplacement
Default origin hostname$.behaviors[?( == 'origin')].options.hostname""
Any origin hostname set to$..behaviors[?( == 'origin')].options[?(@.hostname == '')].hostname""
Default caching TTL$.behaviors[?( == 'caching')].options.defaultTtl"12h"
Any caching TTL value other than 1 day$..behaviors[?( == 'caching')].options[?(@.defaultTtl != '1d')].defaultTtl"1d"
Any CP code$..behaviors[?( == 'cpCode'].options.value.id12345
CP code set to 12345$..behaviors[?( == 'cpCode'].options.value[?( == 12345)].id54321
Edge Redirector, enabled or disabled$..behaviors[?( == 'edgeRedirector')].options.enabledfalse
Forward rewrite, disabled$..behaviors[?( == 'forwardRewrite'].options[?(@.enabled == false)].enabledtrue
SureRoute test URL$..behaviors[?( == 'sureRoute')].options.testObjectUrl"/new-object"
ID of custom behavior named customized$..behaviors[?( == 'customBehavior')].options[?( == 'customized')].behaviorId"myCustomRedirect"
Change one of the path match values from /catalog to /shop$..criteria[?( == 'path')].options.value[?(@ == '/catalog')]"/shop"


All JSONPath expressions evaluate within the rules section of a property configuration, available as JSON from PAPI's Get a rule tree operation.