Get started

Before using PAPI for the first time:

  • You need different permissions to access API functions. You can manage these permissions in ​Control Center​. Learn more about the access control model.

  • Before you can use this API, you need to Create authentication credentials.

  • If you need to perform bulk search operations across many accounts, there's a different procedure to set up your client token. For details, see Manage many accounts with one API client.

  • To enable this API, choose the API service named Property Manager and set the access level to READ-WRITE.

  • Once you have a custom domain token, you can gather other prerequisite data used throughout the API: the relevant contract and group to access other PAPI objects, and a product to create new ones.

  • Client tools such as edgegrid-curl and edgegrid-python assume a maximum message body size of 2048 bytes, which for PAPI needs to increase to 128K. How you do so depends on your chosen tool, for example by setting max-body:131072 in the .egcurl file, or in python by passing in max_body:131072 as part of the EdgeGridAuth() call.

  • Review the API's Known issues.

The code examples in this API reference don't contain the required authentication code syntax you need to make API calls. To learn how to apply authentication in a variety of programming languages when using Akamai APIs, see Authenticate with EdgeGrid.


Provide feedback or ask a question in the Akamai Developer Discussion Forum. You can also contact your ​Akamai​ account representative for support. We want to hear from you!