• Property Manager name: Cache Tag
  • Behavior version: The v2024-05-31 rule format supports the cacheTag behavior v1.0.
  • Rule format status: GA, stable
  • Access: Read/Write
  • Allowed in includes: Yes

This adds a cache tag to the requested object. With cache tags, you can flexibly fast purge tagged segments of your cached content. You can either define these tags with an Edge-Cache-Tag header at the origin server level, or use this behavior to directly add a cache tag to the object as the edge server caches it. The cache‚ÄčTag behavior can only take a single value, including a variable. If you want to specify more tags for an object, add a few instances of this behavior to your configuration.

See Fast Purge for guidance on best practices to deploy cache tags. Use the Fast Purge API to purge by cache tag programmatically.

Note that this behavior is not compatible with the dynamic‚ÄčThroughtput‚ÄčOptimization behavior. Don't include both behaviors in a rule for the same request.

tagstring (allows variables)

Specifies the cache tag you want to add to your cached content. A cache tag is only added when the object is first added to cache. A single cache tag can't exceed 128 characters and can only include alphanumeric characters, plus this class of characters: [!#$%'+./^_`|~-]