Bad Request. This error typically occurs due to a problem with the format of request data, such as a non-parsing or invalid body of data, or an invalid set of query parameters or values.

The response's detail should clarify the problem. The response also features an optional errors array that potentially list more than one detected problem encountered at runtime.

This example represents a syntax problem in the schema. The provided value doesn't match the allowed enums. For 400 errors caused by schema mismatches, you can compare your request body against the schemaLink and schemaLocation. See Get a schema for a request for more details.

    "type": "https://problems.luna.akamaiapis.net/papi/v1/json-schema-invalid",
    "title": "Input does not match schema",
    "detail": "Your input has a syntax problem.  Please double check against the schema.",
    "instance": "/papi/v1/includes?contractId=1-12345&groupId=12345#abc12345abcc02a7",
    "status": 400,
    "schemaLink": "/papi/v1/schemas/request/CreateOrCloneIncludeRequestV0.json",
    "errors": [
            "location": "/includeType",
            "schemaLocation": "/properties/includeType",
            "detail": "instance value (\"COMMON_SETTINS\") not found in enum (possible values: [\"COMMON_SETTINGS\",\"MICROSERVICES\"])",
            "foundValue": "COMMON_SETTINS",
            "allowedValues": [