Logs custom details from the origin response in the Log Delivery Service report.


Whether to append additional custom data to each log line.

custom‚ÄčLog‚ÄčFieldstring (allows¬†variables)

Specifies an additional data field to append to each log line, maximum 1000 bytes, typically based on a dynamically generated built-in system variable. For example, round-trip: {{builtin.‚ÄčAK_‚ÄčCLIENT_‚ÄčTURNAROUND_‚ÄčTIME}}ms logs the total time to complete the response. See Support for variables for more information. Since this option can specify both a request and response, it overrides any custom‚ÄčLog‚ÄčField settings in the report behavior.

log‚ÄčCustom‚ÄčLog‚ÄčField is true