Add or remove hostnames for a property's hostname bucket

For a property with useHostnameBucket set to true when created, this operation adds or removes up to 1000 property hostnames without incrementing the property version. Changes automatically activate on the selected network. If a property doesn't have hostname buckets enabled, this operation returns a 403 error. If another activation is in progress, whether it's a hostname activation or a property version activation, the operation fails with a 409 error. Once you perform this operation, it blocks subsequent requests until all the property hostnames are active. Note that to build the request body, you need to first obtain the edgeHostnameId either from an existing edge hostname or a new one you create by running the Create a new edge hostname operation.

Note: If you're using a new account, first register it on the Akamai network by activating any property version on either staging or production. Otherwise, your attempts to create or specify certificates will fail with a 403 error.

Add or remove hostnames for a property's hostname bucket
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