ID prefixes

By default, response data features various ID values with three-letter prefixes to help distinguish their function:

  • aid_ for assetId
  • act_ for accountId
  • atv_ for activationId
  • cpc_ for cpcodeId
  • ctr_ for contractId
  • ehn_ for edgeHostnameId
  • grp_ for groupId
  • msg_ for messageId
  • prd_ for productId
  • prp_ for propertyId
  • inc_ for includeId

Common product IDs

For most operations on properties, you need to get the ID for the specific Akamai product you are using. Some identifiers may not match the current set of product names used for marketing. These are commonly used IDs for different products:

Web Performance Solutions
Dynamic Site Acceleratorprd_Site_Accel
Ion Standardprd_Fresca
Ion Premierprd_SPM
Dynamic Site Deliveryprd_Site_Del
Rich Media Acceleratorprd_Rich_Media_Accel
IoT Edge Connectprd_IoT
Security Solutions
Kona Site Defenderprd_Site_Defender
Media Delivery Solutions
Download Deliveryprd_Download_Delivery
Object Deliveryprd_Object_Delivery
Adaptive Media Deliveryprd_Adaptive_Media_Delivery

Remove prefixes

While these prefixes may help when exchanging data within PAPI, other Akamai APIs that share the same data don't use this convention. There are two ways to strip them out of data:

  • Run Update client settings to set "usePrefixes":false as the default for all requests. This solution is persistent for each API client.

  • You can temporarily override the client's default setting by including a PAPI-Use-Prefixes boolean header with each request. So if the client's settings are "usePrefixes":true, passing in a PAPI-Use-Prefixes: false header removes the values.

Both of these options determine whether ID prefixes appear in response data. However, you can always specify any of these IDs as input parameters or JSON data with or without the prefixes.