• Property Manager name: Path
  • Criteria version: The v2024-02-12 rule format supports the path criteria v1.2.
  • Rule format status: GA, stable
  • Access: Read-write
  • Allowed in includes: Yes

Matches the URL's non-hostname path component.


Matches the contents of the values array.


Matches any of the values array.


Matches none of the values array.

valuesstring array

Matches the URL path, excluding leading hostname and trailing query parameters. The path is relative to the server root, for example /blog. This field allows wildcards, where ? matches a single character and * matches zero or more characters. For example, /blog/*/2014 matches paths with two fixed segments and other varying segments between them.

{"displayType":"string array","tag":"input","todo":true}

Sets a case-sensitive match.


Transforms URLs before comparing them with the provided value. URLs are decoded, and any directory syntax such as ../.. or // is stripped as a security measure. This protects URL paths from being accessed by unauthorized users.