Match the assigned content provider code.


Specifies the CP code as an object. You only need to provide the initial id to match the CP code, stripping any cpc_ prefix to pass the integer to the rule tree. Additional CP code details may reflect back in subsequent read-only data.


Read-only. Describes the current usage limit for the CP code.


Read-only. UNIX epoch timestamp reflecting when the CP code was originally created.


Read-only. Additional description for the CP code.


Unique identifier for each CP code. Initially, you get this value when creating a new CP code in PAPI. You can also assign a cpcode​Id value from the List CP codes operation.


Read-only. The name of the CP code you specify as the cpcode​Name when creating a new CP code in PAPI. You can modify this value with the PUT operation in the CP codes and Reporting Groups API.


Read-only. The set of products the CP code is assigned to. This reflects product​Id values you specify when creating a new CP code in PAPI.