v2023-10-30 behaviors

This section provides details for all behaviors the Property Manager API supports for the v2023-10-30 rule format version. The set available to you is determined by the product and modules assigned to the property. You can get it by running the List available behaviors operation.

This v2023-10-30 rule format provides the most recent stable set of PAPI features. You should use this rather than latest or any other dated rule format. See API versioning for details.

Option requirements

PAPI's behaviors and match criteria often include cross-dependent options, for which this reference documentation provides details in a Requires table column. For example, suppose documentation for a cloudletSharedPolicy option specifies this as Requires:

isSharedPolicy is true

That means for the cloudletSharedPolicy to appear in the object, you need to also have isSharedPolicy set to true:

        "isSharedPolicy": true,
        "cloudletSharedPolicy": 1000

Often you include options in behavior or criteria objects based on the match of a string value. Documentation also indicates any set of high-level logical AND and OR validation requirements.