Sample workflow

This simplified workflow provides pointers to more detailed steps below:

  1. Prepare a bulk search request by specifying a search expression. Optionally specify additional searches to reduce the set of search results.

  2. Launch the bulk search, storing the response's search ID.

  3. Use the ID to check the search results, repeating if they're not yet complete. The results include any active property version, along with the most recently modified version if inactive.

  4. If you want to further update a set of property versions that are active, bulk-create a new set of versions and store the new set of version numbers from the completed results.

  5. Use data from the search results and any newly created version numbers to form a bulk patch request. Specify a replacement value as part of the patch.

  6. Launch a request to patch all the configurations, storing the response's patch ID.

  7. Use the patch ID to check the patch results, repeating if they're not yet complete.

  8. Use the property IDs and versions from the bulk patch results to launch a bulk activation, storing the response's activation ID.

Once you confirm the bulk activation is complete, your updated properties are live.