Modify current property settings

To change any of the settings in a property that's already serving production traffic over the Akamai network, you need to create a new version of your property and activate it.

For this tutorial, let's assume that you want to update the property's rule tree.

1 - Authenticate to ​Akamai​

To make calls through PAPI, in the API client tool authenticate to ​Akamai​ using the tokens you generated.

2 - Get the property details

Using the propertyName, search for the property that's actively serving traffic to your site and fetch necessary details.

3 - Create a new property version

Specify the property version you want to base a new one on.

4 - Download the rule tree

Get the existing JSON rule tree. This is where you'll make your changes.

5 - Edit the rule tree

Customize how your content is delivered to your end users.

Rule trees are maintained in a special form of JSON that you can best edit and validate in the dedicated VS code or Eclipse IDE plugins.

6 - Validate the rule tree changes

Make sure your JSON file is correct and complete before deploying it on edge servers. You need to resolve returned errors as they block an activation, but you can activate a property version that yields less severe warnings. For more information, see Rule tree errors and warnings. Both VS code and Eclipse plugins support full rule tree validation.

7 - Update the property's rule tree

Push the updated JSON file back to the property configuration.

8 - Activate the new property version on staging

To make sure your changes work as planned, push the updates to the staging network by specifying "network": "STAGING" in the request body.

9 - Confirm activation

Make sure the activation status is ACTIVE.

10 - Test the changes

Spoof your host file to point to the IP address of your a staging server and send a test request using your browser. For step by step instructions how to edit the host file with the staging data, see the Test your configuration section in the guide.

11 - Activate the new property version on production

Start serving your traffic in line with the latest modifications.

12 - Confirm activation

Make sure the activation status is ACTIVE.