The Data​Stream reporting service provides real-time logs on application activity, including aggregated metrics on complete request and response cycles and origin response times. Apply this behavior to report on this set of traffic. Use the Data​Stream API to aggregate the data.

In the latest rule format, log​Stream​Name is an array of string values, such as ["1234", "5678"] instead of a single 1234 integer value. Make sure your property accepts the single integer for the previous rule format, otherwise use an array to prevent errors.


Specify the Data​Stream type.


Low latency streaming of raw or aggregated data for push delivery or through the pull API.


Scalable, low latency streaming of raw data for push delivery.


Specify both.


Enables Data​Stream reporting.


A set of dash-separated Data​Stream ID values to limit the scope of reported data. By default, all active streams report. Use the Data​Stream application to gather stream ID values that apply to this property configuration. Specifying IDs for any streams that don't apply to this property has no effect, and results in no data reported.


Enables log collection for the property by associating it with Data​Stream configurations.

stream​Type is either: LOG, BEACON_​AND_​LOG

Specifies the unique IDs of streams configured for the property. For properties created with the previous version of the rule format, this option contains a string instead of an array of strings. You can use the List streams operation to get stream IDs.

log​Enabled is true

Specifies the percentage of log data you want to collect for this property.

log​Enabled is true

If enabled, gathers midgress traffic data within the Akamai platform, such as between two edge servers, for all streams configured.

log​Enabled is true