Matches how the current rule corresponds to low-level syntax elements in translated XML metadata, indicating progressive stages as each edge server handles the request and response. To use this match, you need to be thoroughly familiar with how Akamai edge servers process requests. Contact your Akamai Technical representative if you need help, and test thoroughly on staging before activating on production.


Compares the current rule with the specified metadata stage.


The current rule is at the specified metadata stage.


The current rule is not at the specified metadata stage.


Specifies the metadata stage.


Content is cacheable and is already cached, but not yet tested for freshness.


Occurs after the response completes and the response has been sent to the requesting client Only used for receipt requests and products like Cloud Monitor and Datastream.


When the Akamai server receives the request. Most processing happens in this stage, including determining the object's cacheability and cache key.


Runs when the Akamai server inspects the contents of a request POST body, typically as a security check.


Occurs after the full response has been returned from the forward server or retrieved from Akamai's cache, prior to constructing a response.


This stage determines whether any Cloudlets or security products are associated with the request. It gets ignored in requests for other products.


Immediately before the Akamai server tries to connect to a forward server (either an Akamai parent server or a customer origin). Doesn't run for the content retrieved from Akamai's cache.


After the forward server responds and all response headers have been read. Doesn't run for the content retrieved from Akamai's cache.


Immediately before the forward-request stage, while the Akamai server selects a forward server or persistent connection. Doesn't run for the content retrieved from Akamai's cache.


Runs when a response is received from an intermediate processing agent (IPA) server, called at the end of the client-request stage.