Matches any runtime errors that occur on edge servers based on the configuration of a set‚ÄčVariable behavior. See Support for variables section for more information on this feature.


Matches errors for the specified set of variable‚ÄčNames, otherwise matches errors from variables outside that set.

variable‚ÄčNamesstring array

The name of the variable whose error triggers the match, or a space- or comma-delimited list of more than one variable name. Note that if you define a variable named VAR, the name in this field needs to appear with its added prefix as PMUSER_‚ÄčVAR. When such a variable is inserted into other fields, it appears with an additional namespace as {{user.‚ÄčPMUSER_‚ÄčVAR}}. See the set‚ÄčVariable behavior for details on variable names.

{"displayType":"string array","tag":"input","todo":true}