Bulk Search and Update

With bulk search and update, you're no longer limited to modifying your property configurations one at a time. Maintaining a large set of properties, you can keep important behaviors synchronized with a few API calls.

This section shows you how to search across all your properties, then create a new set of editable property versions based on the results. It shows you how to patch a set of configurations to modify them, then activate the entire set of modified properties on Akamai's staging and production networks. The section initially focuses on how to substitute simple values such as hostnames, but eventually you learn more complex techniques to add new behaviors and rules, and how to modify other data structures.

This table lists each API operation discussed in this section. In each phase of the bulk update procedure, you run a pair of operations, the first to launch a request, and the second to poll the asynchronous results:

As an alternative to get the initial set of bulk search results directly, but with likely delays, use this additional operation: