The Edge Load Balancing module allows you to implement groups of data centers featuring load balancing, session persistence, and real-time dynamic failover. Enabling ELB routes requests contextually based on location, device, or network, along with optional rules you specify.

This behavior specifies the data center's origin, and needs to be paired in the same rule with at least one edge‚ÄčLoad‚ÄčBalancing‚ÄčData‚ÄčCenter behavior, which provides details about a particular data center. An origin is an abstraction that helps group a logical set of a website or application. It potentially includes information about many data centers and cloud providers, as well as many end points or IP addresses for each data center. To specify an ELB origin, you need to have configured an origin behavior whose type is set to elb_origin_group.


Specifies a unique descriptive string for this ELB origin. The value needs to match the origin_id specified by the edge‚ÄčLoad‚ÄčBalancing‚ÄčData‚ÄčCenter behavior associated with this origin.


Provides a description for the ELB origin, for your own reference.


Specifies the hostname associated with the ELB rule.


Allows you to specify a cookie to pin the user's browser session to one data center. When disabled, ELB's default load balancing may send users to various data centers within the same session.