Response headers

There are many ways to access response header information, depending on how you're accessing the Linode API. For example, to view HTTP response headers for the List regions operation when requesting with curl, use the -I or --head option:

curl -I

Responses may include the these headers:

Access-Control-Allow-CredentialsResponses to credentialed requests are exposed to frontend JavaScript code.true
Access-Control-Allow-HeadersAll permissible request headers for this operation.Authorization, Origin, X-Requested-With, Content-Type, Accept, X-Filter
Access-Control-Allow-MethodsPermissible HTTP methods for this operation.HEAD, GET, OPTIONS, POST, PUT, DELETE
Access-Control-Allow-OriginIndicates origin access permissions. The wildcard character * means any origin can access the resource.-
Access-Control-Expose-HeadersAvailable headers to include in response to cross-origin requests.X-OAuth-Scopes, X-Accepted-OAuth-Scopes, X-Status
Cache-ControlControls caching in browsers and shared caches such as CDNs.private, max-age=60, s-maxage=60
Content-Security-PolicyControls which resources are allowed to load. By default, resources do not load.default-src 'none'
Content-TypeAll responses are in json format.application/json
Content-WarningA message containing instructions for successful requests that were not able to be completed.Please contact support for assistance.
Retry-AfterThe remaining time in seconds until the current rate limit window resets.60
Strict-Transport-SecurityEnforces HTTPS-only access until the returned time, in seconds.max-age=31536000
VaryOptional request headers that affected the response content.Authorization, X-Filter
X-Accepted-OAuth-ScopesRequired scopes for accessing the requested command.linodes:read_only
X-Customer-UUIDA unique identifier for the account that owns the personal access token used for the request.ABCDEF01-3456-789A-BCDEF0123456789A
X-OAuth-ScopesThe allowed scopes included with the personal access token used for the request. A value of * indicates read/write access for all scope categories.images:read_write, linodes:read_only
X-RateLimit-LimitThe maximum number of permitted requests during the rate limit window for this operation.800
X-RateLimit-RemainingThe remaining number of permitted requests in the current rate limit window.798
X-RateLimit-ResetThe time when the current rate limit window rests, in UTC epoch seconds.1674747739
X-Spec-VersionThe current API version that handled the request.4.176.0