Create a Kubernetes cluster

Creates a Kubernetes cluster. The Kubernetes cluster will be created asynchronously. You can use the events system to determine when the Kubernetes cluster is ready to use. Please note that it often takes 2-5 minutes before the Kubernetes API endpoints and the Kubeconfig file for the new cluster are ready.


linode-cli lke cluster-create \
  --label cluster12345 \
  --region us-central \
  --k8s_version 1.27 \
  --control_plane.high_availability true \
  --node_pools.type g6-standard-4 --node_pools.count 6 \
  --node_pools.type g6-standard-8 --node_pools.count 3 \
  --node_pools.autoscaler.enabled true \
  --node_pools.autoscaler.max 12 \
  --node_pools.autoscaler.min 3 \
  --tags ecomm


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