Rebuild a Linode

Rebuilds a Linode you have the read_write permission to modify.

A rebuild will first shut down the Linode, delete all disks and configs on the Linode, and then deploy a new image to the Linode with the given attributes. Additionally:

  • Requires an image be supplied.
  • Requires a root_pass be supplied to use for the root User's Account.
  • It is recommended to supply SSH keys for the root User using the authorized_keys field.
  • Linodes utilizing Metadata ("has_user_data": true) should include metadata.user_data in the rebuild request to continue using the service.

During a rebuild, you can enable or disable local disk encryption. If disk encryption is not included in the request, the previous disk_encryption value is used. Disk encryption cannot be disabled if the compute instance is attached to a LKE nodepool.

You also have the option to resize the Linode to a different plan by including the type parameter with your request. Note that resizing involves migrating the Linode to a new hardware host, while rebuilding without resizing maintains the same hardware host. Resizing also requires significantly more time for completion of this operation. The following additional conditions apply:

  • The Linode must not have a pending migration.
  • Your Account cannot have an outstanding balance.
  • The Linode must not have more disk allocation than the new Type allows.
    • In that situation, you must first delete or resize the disk to be smaller.

linode-cli linodes rebuild 123 \
  --image "linode/debian9" \
  --root_pass aComplex@Password \
  --disk_encryption disabled \
  --authorized_keys "ssh-rsa AAAA_valid_public_ssh_key_123456785== user@their-computer" \
  --authorized_users "myUsername" \
  --authorized_users "secondaryUsername" \
  --booted true \
  --stackscript_id 10079 \
  --stackscript_data '{"gh_username": "linode"}' \
  --type "g6-standard-2" \
  --metadata.userdata "I2Nsb3VkLWNvbmZpZw=="


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