Add a payment method

Adds a Payment Method to your Account with the option to set it as the default method.

  • Adding a default Payment Method removes the default status from any other Payment Method.

  • An Account can have up to 6 active Payment Methods.

  • Up to 60 Payment Methods can be added each day.

  • Prior to adding a Payment Method, ensure that your billing address information is up-to-date with a valid zip by running the Update your account operation.

  • A payment_method_add event is generated when a payment is successfully submitted.

Parent and child accounts

In a parent and child account environment, the following apply:

  • Child account users can't run this operation. These users don't have access to billing-related operations.

linode-cli payment-methods add \
  --type credit_card \
  --is_default true \
  --data.card_number 4111111111111111 \
  --data.expiry_month 11 \
  --data.expiry_year 2020 \
  --data.cvv 111


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