Create a firewall device

Creates a Firewall Device, which assigns a Firewall to a service (referred to as the Device's entity) and applies the Firewall's Rules to the device.

  • Currently, Devices with linode and nodebalancer entity types are accepted.

  • Firewalls only apply to inbound TCP traffic to NodeBalancers.

  • A Firewall can be assigned to multiple services at a time.

  • A service can have one active, assigned Firewall at a time. Additional disabled Firewalls can be assigned to a service, but they cannot be enabled if another active Firewall is already assigned to the same service.

  • Assigned Linodes must not have any ongoing live migrations.

  • A firewall_device_add Event is generated when the Firewall Device is added successfully.

linode-cli firewalls device-create 123 \
  --id 456 \
  --type "linode"


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