Clone a Linode

You can clone your Linode's existing Disks or Configuration profiles to another Linode on your Account. In order for this request to complete successfully, your User must have the add_linodes grant. Cloning to a new Linode will incur a charge on your Account.

If cloning to an existing Linode, any actions currently running or queued must be completed first before you can clone to it.

Up to five clone operations from any given source Linode can be run concurrently. If more concurrent clones are attempted, an HTTP 400 error will be returned by this operation.

Any tags existing on the source Linode will be cloned to the target Linode.

Linodes utilizing Metadata ("has_user_data": true) must be cloned to a new Linode with metadata.user_data included with the clone request.

vpc details

  • If the Linode you are cloning has a vpc purpose Interface on its active Configuration Profile that includes a 1:1 NAT, the resulting clone is configured with an any 1:1 NAT.
  • See the VPC documentation guide for its specifications and limitations.

vlan details

  • Only Next Generation Network (NGN) data centers support VLANs. If a VLAN is attached to your Linode and you attempt clone it to a non-NGN data center, the cloning will not initiate. If a Linode cannot be cloned because of an incompatibility, you will be prompted to select a different data center or contact support.
  • See the VLANs Overview guide to view additional specifications and limitations.

linode-cli linodes clone 123 \
  --linode_id 124 \
  --region us-east \
  --type g6-standard-2 \
  --label cloned-linode \
  --backups_enabled true \ 528 \
  --disks 25674 \
  --configs 23456 \
  --private_ip true \
  --metadata.user_data I2Nsb3VkLWNvbmZpZw==


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