Update your account

Updates contact and billing information related to your account. If you exclude any properties from the request, the operation leaves them unchanged.

Note. When updating an account's country to US, you'll get an error if the account's zip is not a valid US zip code.

Parent and child accounts

In a parent and child account environment, the following apply:

  • You can't change the company for a parent account. Akamai uses this value to set the name for a child account parent user (proxy user) on any child account.

  • Child account users can't run this operation. These users don't have access to billing-related operations.

linode-cli account update \
  --address_1 "123 Main St." \
  --address_2 "Suite 101" \
  --city Philadelphia \
  --company My Company \ LLC \
  --country US \
  --email jsmith@mycompany.com \
  --first_name John \
  --last_name Smith \
  --phone 555-555-1212 \
  --state PA \
  --tax_id ATU99999999 \
  --zip 19102


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