Update a user

Update information about a user on your account, including its restricted status. When setting a user to restricted, the API sets no grants for it. You need to set grants so that user can access things on the account.

Note. This operation can only be accessed by account users with unrestricted access.

Parent and child accounts

In a parent and child account environment, the following apply:

  • You can't edit the username or email values for the child account parent user (proxy user). These are predefined for the proxy user when you initially provision the parent-child relationship. Only a proxy user's restricted status can be modified. This can only be done by an unrestricted child account user.

  • A parent account using an unrestricted proxy user in a child account can modify the username, email, and restricted status for an existing child account user.

  • A restricted account user--parent or child--can't change their user to unrestricted.

linode-cli users update example_user \
  --username example_user \
  --email example@linode.com \
  --restricted true


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