Create an IPv6 range

Creates an IPv6 Range and assigns it based on the provided Linode or route target IPv6 SLAAC address. See the ipv6 property when running the Get a Linode operation to view a Linode's IPv6 SLAAC address.

  • Either linode_id or route_target is required in a request.
  • linode_id and route_target are mutually exclusive. Submitting values for both properties in a request results in an error.
  • Upon a successful request, an IPv6 range is created in the region that corresponds to the provided linode_id or route_target.
  • Your Linode is responsible for routing individual addresses in the range, or handling traffic for all the addresses in the range.
  • Run the Assign IP addresses operation to re-assign IPv6 Ranges to your Linodes.

Note. The following restrictions apply:

  • A Linode can only have one IPv6 range targeting its SLAAC address.
  • An account can only have one IPv6 range in each region.
  • Open a support ticket to request expansion of these restrictions.

linode-cli networking v6-range-create \
  --linode_id 123 \
  --prefix_length 64


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