Create a personal access token

Creates a Personal Access Token for your User. The raw token will be returned in the response, but will never be returned again afterward so be sure to take note of it. You may create a token with at most the scopes of your current token. The created token will be able to access your Account until the given expiry, or until it is revoked. Parent and child accounts In a parent and child account environment, the following apply:

  • If you're using a child account parent user (proxy user), you can't create this form of token. The only token available to a proxy user is one that lets you run operations in a child account. These are created with the Create a proxy user token operation.

linode-cli profile token-create \
  --scopes '*' \
  --expiry '2018-01-01T13:46:32' \
  --label linode-cli


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