Update a firewall

Updates information for a Firewall.

  • Assigned Linodes must not have any ongoing live migrations.

  • If a Firewall's status is changed with this operation, a corresponding firewall_enable or firewall_disable Event will be generated.

Some parts of a Firewall's configuration cannot be manipulated by this operation:

  • A Firewall's Devices cannot be set with this operation. Instead, run the Create a firewall device and Delete a firewall device operations to assign and remove this Firewall from services.

  • A Firewall's Rules cannot be changed with this operation. Instead, run the Update firewall rules operation to update your Rules.

  • A Firewall's status can be set to enabled or disabled by this operation, but it cannot be set to deleted. Instead, run the Delete a firewall operation to delete a Firewall.

linode-cli firewalls update 123 \
  --status disabled


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