Assign IPv4s to Linodes

This operation is equivalent to Assign IP addresses.

Assign multiple IPv4 addresses and/or IPv6 ranges to multiple Linodes in one Region. This allows swapping, shuffling, or otherwise reorganizing IPs to your Linodes.

The following restrictions apply:

  • All Linodes involved must have at least one public IPv4 address after assignment.
  • Linodes may have no more than one assigned private IPv4 address.
  • Linodes may have no more than one assigned IPv6 range.

Open a support ticket to request additional IPv4 addresses or IPv6 ranges beyond standard account limits.

Note. Removing an IP address that has been set as a Managed Linode's ssh.ip causes the Managed Linode's SSH access settings to reset to their default values.

To view and configure Managed Linode SSH settings, use the following operations:

linode-cli networking ip-assign \
  --region us-east \
  --assignments.address \
  --assignments.linode_id 123 \
  --assignments.address 2001:db8:3c4d:15::/64 \
  --assignments.linode_id 234


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