List VLANs

Returns a list of all Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) on your Account. VLANs provide a mechanism for secure communication between two or more Linodes that are assigned to the same VLAN and are both within the same Layer 2 broadcast domain.

VLANs are created and attached to Linodes by using the interfaces property for the following operations:

There are several ways to detach a VLAN from a Linode:

Note. Only Next Generation Network (NGN) data centers support VLANs. Run the List regions operation to view the capabilities of data center regions. If a VLAN is attached to your Linode and you attempt to migrate or clone it to a non-NGN data center, the migration or cloning will not initiate. If a Linode cannot be migrated because of an incompatibility, you will be prompted to select a different data center or contact support.

Note. See the VLANs Overview to view additional specifications and limitations.

linode-cli vlans list


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