Update firewall rules

Updates the inbound and outbound Rules for a Firewall.

  • Assigned Linodes must not have any ongoing live migrations.

  • Note. This operation replaces all of a Firewall's inbound and outbound rulesets with the values specified in your request.

linode-cli firewalls rules-update 123 \
  --inbound '[{"action":"ACCEPT", "protocol": "TCP", "ports": "22, 80, 8080, 443", "addresses": {"ipv4": ["", ""], "ipv6": ["2001:DB8::/128"]}}]' \
  --outbound '[{"action":"DROP","protocol": "TCP", "ports": "49152-65535", "addresses": {"ipv4": ["", ""], "ipv6": ["2001:DB8::/128`"]}}]'


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