Create a disk

Adds a new Disk to a Linode.

  • You can optionally create a Disk from an Image or an Empty Disk if no Image is provided with a request.

  • When creating an Empty Disk, providing a label is required.

  • If no label is provided, an image is required instead.

  • When creating a Disk from an Image, root_pass is required.

  • The default filesystem for new Disks is ext4. If creating a Disk from an Image, the filesystem of the Image is used unless otherwise specified.

  • When deploying a StackScript on a Disk:

    • Run List StackScripts for a list of available StackScripts.
    • Requires a compatible Image to be supplied.
    • It is recommended to supply SSH keys for the root User using the authorized_keys field.
    • You may also supply a list of usernames via the authorized_users field.
      • These users must have an SSH Key associated with their Profiles first. See Add an SSH key for more information.

linode-cli linodes disk-create 123 \
  --size 1300 \
  --authorized_keys "ssh-rsa AAAA_valid_public_ssh_key_123456785== user@their-computer" \
  --authorized_users "myUser" \
  --authorized_users "secondaryUser" \
  --root_pass aComplex@Password \
  --image "linode/debian9" \
  --stackscript_id 10079 \
  --stackscript_data '{"gh_username": "linode"}'


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