Rule format changes


There is a known issue with the script that pulls the rule formats into these docs.

Because there have been no changes since the v2023-09-20 set, the information for each of the behaviors and criteria is accurate.

The following covers changes to dated rule formats. To update your rule format, see rules.

Latest supported rule format: v2024-02-12

Breaking changes occurred with v2023-09-20


No changes.


No changes.


No changes.


The v2023-09-20 rule format introduces a breaking change for the set_variable behavior. For fields min_random_number, max_random_number, start_index and end_index, the values are no longer a string. Instead, they are an int.

There are also new fields available.

  • edge_worker. m_pulse
  • origin. tls_version_title, tls13_support, min_tls_version, max_tls_version