Returns the slow POST protection settings for the specified security configuration and policy. Slow POST protections help defend a site against attacks that try to tie up the site by using extremely slow requests and responses.

Scopes: Security policy


terraform {
  required_providers {
    akamai = {
      source = "akamai/akamai"

provider "akamai" {
  edgerc = "~/.edgerc"

// USE CASE: user wants to view the slow post protection settings associated with a security policy.

data "akamai_appsec_configuration" "configuration" {
  name = "Documentation"
data "akamai_appsec_slow_post" "slow_post" {
  config_id          = data.akamai_appsec_configuration.configuration.config_id
  security_policy_id = "gms1_134637"
output "slow_post_output_text" {
  value = data.akamai_appsec_slow_post.slow_post.output_text

Argument reference

This data source supports the following arguments:

  • config_id (Required). Unique identifier of the security configuration associated with the slow POST settings.
  • security_policy_id (Required). Unique identifier of the security policy associated with the slow POST settings.

Output options

The following options can be used to determine the information returned, and how that returned information is formatted:

output_text. Tabular report including the following:

  • ACTION. Action taken any time slow POST protection is triggered.

    • alert. Record the event.
    • abort. Block the request.
  • SLOW_RATE_THRESHOLD RATE. Average rate (in bytes per second over the specified time period) allowed before the specified action is triggered.

  • SLOW_RATE_THRESHOLD PERIOD. Amount of time (in seconds) that the server should allow a request before marking the request as being too slow.

  • DURATION_THRESHOLD TIMEOUT. Maximum amount of time (in seconds) that the first eight kilobytes of the POST body must be received in order to avoid triggering the specified action.