Blocked user properties


Remove or grant a user access to properties. You can block a user's access to any property by overriding any available role already assigned to that user.


You can't delete blocked user properties from the system. When you delete the record, it'll be removed only from your state file.

resource "akamai_iam_blocked_user_properties" "my_blocked_user_properties" {
  identity_id        = "A-B-1234567"
  group_id           = 123456
  blocked_properties = [12345678, 91234567, 89123456, 78912345]


The resource supports these arguments:

identity_id‚úĒA user's actual profile or client ID. Each ID must be a string.
group_id‚úĒThe groups's ID. Each ID must be an integer.
blocked_properties‚úĒList of properties to block for a user. The property IDs must be an integer.
Use the value from the assetId as an identifier of a property to block for a user. You can get it by running the Get a property operation via the Property Manager API.


There is no default standard output. After removing or granting a user access to properties, the last line of the process log contains the blocked user properties' ID.

akamai_iam_blocked_user_properties.my_blocked_properties: Creation complete after 1s [id=A-B-1234567:891234]