Common identifiers

The information here gives you values for base Akamai items that many of our subproviders use.

To get your contracts or group identifiers, use the shared data sources.

Domain suffixes

Edge Hostname TypeDomain Suffix

Secure hostnames

The secure hostnames resource needs your certificate enrollment ID. You can get it using the Enrollments data source.

Product IDs

Product Code
Web Performance Solutions
Dynamic Site Accelerator prd_Site_Accel
Ion Standard prd_Fresca
Ion Premier prd_SPM
Dynamic Site Delivery prd_Site_Del
Rich Media Accelerator prd_Rich_Media_Accel
IoT Edge Connect prd_IoT
Security Solutions
Kona Site Defender prd_Site_Defender
Media Delivery Solutions
Download Delivery prd_Download_Delivery
Object Delivery prd_Object_Delivery
Adaptive Media Delivery prd_Adaptive_Media_Delivery

Note that if you have previously used the Property Manager API or CLI set-prefixes toggle option, you might have to remove the prd_ prefix.