Create, update, or delete an EdgeWorker.


To delete an EdgeWorker, run terraform destroy.

resource "akamai_edgeworker" "my_edgeworker" {
  group_id         = 12345
  name             = "My_EdgeWorker"
  resource_tier_id = 100
  timeouts {
    default = "1h"
// create
akamai_edgeworker.my_edgeworker: Creation complete after 8s [id=12345]
Apply complete! Resources: 1 added, 0 changed, 0 destroyed.

my_edgeworker = {
  "edgeworker_id" = 12345
  "local_bundle_hash" = "examplefebf06dee5be85eb17745b9f5dd6c718a3020409a5848f341d"
  "version" = "1"
  "warnings" = tolist([])

// update
akamai_edgeworker.my_edgeworker: Modifications complete after 3s [id=12345]

Apply complete! Resources: 0 added, 1 changed, 0 destroyed.


Pass a name, your group ID, and a resource tier to create or update an EdgeWorker.

name✔️The name of the EdgeWorker.
group_id✔️The EdgeWorker's assigned group.
resource_tier_id✔️The resource tier ID.
local_bundleThe path to your EdgeWorkers code bundle.
timeoutsUses a default argument to override the HashiCorp processing timeout of 20 minutes. Value is a string containing a number and its time reference, h, m, s. You can pass one, two, or all values. For example:
  • 1h3m5s
  • 2h5m
  • 3m


Returned to you is a computed data set with your EdgeWorker's ID.