Application load balancer activation


Activate a application load balancer cloudlet configuration on either the staging or production network.

resource "akamai_cloudlets_application_load_balancer_activation" "my_alb_activation" {
  origin_id = "my_alb"
  network = "staging"
  version = 1
  timeouts {
  	default = "1h"
output "my_alb_activation" {
  value = akamai_cloudlets_application_load_balancer_activation.my_alb_activation

Argument reference

Pass all arguments to activate your load balancer configuration on a network.

origin_id‚úĒA user created ID that represents a data center for an application load balancer implementation. Alphanumeric characters and underscores only, and the first and last characters must be alphanumeric.
Note:. The application load balancer cloudlet only supports a setting of APPLICATION_LOAD_BALANCER in the origin behavior of your property's rules.
network‚úĒThe network on which you are activating your client list. Either staging or production.
version‚úĒThe application load balancer configuration version to activate.
timeouts‚úĒUses a default argument to override the HashiCorp processing timeout of 20 minutes. Value is a string containing a number and its time reference, h, m, s. You can pass one, two, or all values. For example:
  • 1h3m5s
  • 2h5m
  • 3m


Returned to you is your activation's status.